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Finally, a mouthwash with live probiotics, smart packaging, and clean ingredients. It's the missing piece to your morning routine.


"Oral health is incredibly important, and I love that Riven is non-toxic, alcohol-free, and leaves my mouth feeling fresh the entire day."

Let’s talk about
your mouth.

Just like in your gut, your mouth is home to hundreds of types of bacteria that work to keep you feeling healthy. In an optimal state, this good bacteria can coexist peacefully with tiny organisms that live inside all of us - but it all starts with what you put in your body.

Enter, the probiotic

Not to alarm you, but most oral care products from your local pharmacy are marketed to kill all bacteria, including the types that are essential for your health. When the good bacteria is gone, it can have the same effects on your body over time as a poor diet and severe stress.

Something that
finally works.

Riven's daily probiotic rinse keeps you feeling fresh while supporting the friendly bacteria that keeps you healthy. Our revolutionized formula restores and maintains balance in your oral microbiome using a scientifically proven mix of prebiotics, probiotics, and antioxidants.

Delivering on quality.

The quality of the probiotics you use impacts how, and if, your body absorbs them. Our unique blend comes in a UV-protected glass bottle and combines hand-picked live strains that can thrive in your bathroom cabinet.


The Riven Mission

Why we’re here...

We believe in a future where the products you use every day actively support and strengthen your gut and oral microbiome, starting with high-quality oral care products that you’ll love. 

Riven strives to leave a positive impact on your health and our world. Our ingredients list is short, clean, and our packaging is smart, compostable, recyclable, and plastic free. 

our impact

Give back with every rinse.

Riven will plant one mangrove in partnership with Only.One for every purchase — each mangrove planted removes over 27 pounds of carbon per year from the atmosphere. 

Featured Reviews

But don’t take our word for it...

Jacqueline @the.flossophy

"Probiotics are well known to support the gut microbiome, but the awareness of the oral microbiome is starting to become more prevalent ... with Riven, you can just swap out your old mouthwash with one that has probiotic benefits."

"Riven's ingredient list is so amazing!!! I love to see the use of aloe vera and echinacea in such a unique way, and it's very cool that the 'preservative' is nothing more than fermented lactobacillus!"

Jacqueline @well.n.strong

"I am so glad I chose to make Riven a part of my morning routine. Oral health is incredibly important, and I love the fact that it's non-toxic, alcohol-free, and leaves my mouth feeling fresh the rest of my day. So proud to support this company and its mission!"

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industry insight

Let’s ask an expert!

"Oral administration of the probiotic lactobacillus reuteri to patients with moderate to severe gingivitis showed significant reductions in inflammatory plaque buildup after just two weeks and Administration of chews containing it has also shown a significant decrease in the presence of inflammatory immune markers in the oral cavity."

Svante Twetman

University of Copenhagen

"The probiotics used in Riven Rinse crowd out pathogenic bacteria and act as a protective shield to help you achieve an optimal oral climate. The strain lactobacillus reuteri reduces biofilm formation and helps reduce gingival inflammation, whereas lactobacillus paracasei antagonizes cavity-causing bacteria. The prebiotics then serve to nourish the probiotics."

Dr. Fatima Khan


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