Doing Good and Well

We believe in true partnership with people inside and outside our company and community. Riven will plant one mangrove in partnership with Only.One for every purchase — each mangrove planted removes over 27 pounds of carbon per year from the atmosphere.

Essential Not Wasteful

We strive to minimize our negative impact on the environment. All our packaging is compostable, recyclable, and plastic free. We don't use excess ingredients.

A letter from our founders

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Riven! You're invited to join us on a journey to better, kinder oral care. A happier mouth starts with a strong biome and we believe that you already have everything you need inside you.

Riven began with a simple question between longtime friends Fatima (the dentist) and Jay (the entrepreneur); why hasn't anyone tried a different approach? Instead of the traditional approach of stripping away bacteria to sterilize your mouth, destroying balance to your oral biome, why not add more good bacteria already found in your mouth? A seemingly simple concept, we couldn't find any products that worked with your oral ecosystem, so we built it.

We worked with microbiologists, formulators, scientists and went through iteration after iteration to create the best possible formula supported by science. Several roadblocks and a global pandemic later, we finally built something that we're super proud of. We're really excited to share it with you.

Riven accepts, respects and protects your oral microbiome. When we nurture our body, we nurture our soul. Riven enhances your oral ecosystem so that it can work the way it was meant to. There's harmony in nature, and there is harmony inside you. The notes you sing might be off-key, maybe you never learned how to whistle properly, and perhaps your teeth aren't perfectly straight, but all those things make you uniquely, wonderfully, you. We believe that all smiles are beautiful. And we think you believe this too.

Embrace the good, respect the biome, love your mouth... with Riven.

Keep smiling,
Fatima & Jay

Our Motto

We are fearless. We are courageous. We challenge the status quo and find new ways to grow our company and each other.

Big hearted

We're doing our part to tackle the climate crisis, and build a more just, equitable planet..

The real deal

No Fluoride, No Artificial Colors, No Parabens, SLS Free, Never tested on Animals, Gluten Free. We're for real.

Responsibly made

Made in the USA in a cGMP certified facility with safe ingredients.